Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Picture Timeline!

Ready to meet any piano challenge I gave her, she taught me more than I taught her, for sure!
A talented, funny piano student! Her semi-serious expression doesn't give away her humor!
A very gifted piano student! I was scrambling to keep up with his learning ability!
Preparing for a cold, wet, very fun rafting trip!
Making cow, chicken and piggy banks at family camp! Don't let the paper towels fool you--there was a nice coating of paint that soaked through onto the table!
Shooting range at church family camp. One determined little girl knocked over at least a couple of targets!
Girls slumber party-breakfast. We all got our nails painted as good as at any salon!
My first time on a Ferris Wheel! Great fun with a good little friend!
I got to see a demolition derby for the first time! Interesting experience...
After the rodeo, one of the kids looked like he'd been thrown from a horse...but he'd just had an awfully good time in the dirt!
The kids at Hayden Bible Fellowship and The Lamb book!

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